Monday, August 19, 2013

Concert Review: Black Sabbath @ Klipsch Music Center, Indianapolis, Indiana - August 18, 2013

With the smell of weed high in the air, I watched Black Sabbath on what would likely be their last tour. All things considered, they sounded fantastic--though I would have preferred Dio at the helm--and Ozzy largely defied years of drug and alcohol abuse by running, jumping, and throwing massive buckets of water into the audience. Was I satisfied? You bet. Was I completely happy? Well, not quite.

To be honest, it all goes back to Dio. Note-for-note, song-for-song, comparing 13 with The Devil You Know puts into perspective the cash grab Sabbath's latest album and tour present after Ozzy's debacle with Iommi. How could two people amicably settle such a serious issue as if nothing happened at all? And why would they tour?


Today, with Osbourne as frontman, Black Sabbath's material feels like a synthetic experience and, live, Ozzy appears to be going through the motions, saying the same things over and over:

"Let me see your hands!"

"I can't fucking hear you!"

Admittedly, those are among standard concert lingo, but he said little else and very few times did he introduce the songs during breaks. You might argue that that was Black fucking Sabbath last night, and that the music needed no introduction. And you'd be correct. But with someone of Ozzy's notoriety and experience as an entertainer, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect more.

That being said, I made my way over to Klipsch Music Center to see Iommi and Butler, not a has-been and his fill-in drummer. In the grand scheme of things, it didn't really matter what the rest of the band sounded like as long as those two fulfilled expectations. And they did, of course, because 1) Iommi is a living legend and 2) seeing Butler live is something every metalhead needs to be able to cross off the bucket list at least once.

Happily, the two took their craft seriously; and even in light of his recent health issues, Iommi appeared to be having a good time. Setting the venue ablaze with each guitar solo, he looked overjoyed that he could still play to sold-out crowds of nearly 24,000 people. Likewise, Klipsch was teeming with fans of all ages--so many that, at one point, I thought I wasn't going to make it out alive with the heat and stampede of people to the front.

But I did survive long enough to see Sabbath over a 16-song set. They couldn't have picked a better number to open the gig with, either, as "War Pigs" is perhaps in the top three best-known tracks from their discography and a golden oldie at that. The following cuts, "Into the Void," "Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes," and "Snowblind," all tied-in perfectly with the vibe, too.

"Age of Reason" came next, and this is where the concert began to grow tiresome. Ozzy was exceeding my expectations because, for the most part, his performance was similar to the new material's studio recordings, but everything from 13 seemed as if the same song had been placed on constant loop when played live. If not for the plodding pace and monotonous vocals, the music might have translated differently.

Sabbath seemed to know that and, as a result, switched back to a spirited round of classics--"Black Sabbath," "Behind the Wall of Sleep," "N.I.B. (led by Butler's excellent bass solo)," "Fairies Wear Boots," and "Rat Salad--but inserted "End of the Beginning" between "N.I.B." and "Fairies Wear Boots."

Of course, there were a few surprises as well, when everyone, save for Clufetos, stepped off stage in preparation for his drum solo. This was the part of the night I appreciated most because, although Ward was absent from the line-up, Clufetos was fairly true to the original studio recordings. His drum solo, a nearly 10-minute affair, was an opportunity to show off his chops and break free of being relatively unknown--something I can certainly stand behind.

Sabbath couldn't go long without a classic, however, and made their reentrance with "Iron Man," which, along with "Paranoid," is indisputably their most popular song. The single from 13, "God is Dead?," entered the rotation next, garnering an overwhelming response from fans and was undoubtedly one of the favorites.

Taken from 1976's Technical Ecstasy, "Dirty Women" followed, but found itself eclipsed by vintage rocker "Children of the Grave," which stands as one of my favorite Black Sabbath tracks. Right at this moment, the concert was worth its weight in gold, if only for that song; closing the show with "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath's" intro and "Paranoid" was like icing on the proverbial cake.

Similarly, there were times when I really enjoyed myself last night. Nearly everything from 13 fell flat on its face in terms of pulling an emotional response from me, but the classic material, specifically "Children of the Grave," felt great to see live, even though Sabbath weren't what they once were.

I might be slightly irked with the concert for the reasons listed above, but I'm also very happy that I finally saw Iommi and Butler in a live setting. Despite the tour being a thinly-veiled cash grab, Black Sabbath still have a passion for music and, as older metal bands begin to call it a day, are not an opportunity to be missed. There are seven North American dates left. Better see them while you can, don't you think?


Setlist for August 18, 2013

1. "War Pigs"
2. "Into the Void"
3. "Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes"
4. "Snowblind"
5. "Age of Reason"
6. "Black Sabbath"
7. "Behind the Wall of Sleep"
8. "N.I.B."
9. "End of the Beginning:
10. "Fairies Wear Boots"
11. "Rat Salad"
--Drum Solo--
12. "Iron Man"
13. "God is Dead?"
14. "Dirty Women"
15. "Children of the Grave"
16. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" intro/"Paranoid"


  1. Great show, however I'd have preferred that they had played "After Forever" or "Supernaut," instead of "Age of Reason" (or "God is Dead" for that matter).

    Just remember, Sabbath, even slowed down by age, is still Sabbath..... and still better than 99.9% of the new stuff out there.

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  2. I have to say that the show last night was truly amazing. I have seen Sabbath before with Ozzy in 2001 on the Ozzfest tour and in 2008 with Dio. I have also seen Ozzy solo. Nothing compares to seeing living legends live in concert. I have to disagree with you saying that their reunion being a cash-grab and for the money. Sabbath is hardly hurting financially. If you had cared to read any of the interviews surrounding 13 and it's accompanying tour you would know Tony's main reason for doing it now is his illness and the fact that they are not getting any younger. All three members have expressed the satisfaction of getting to play with their 'old mates' again. I disagree with you calling Ozzy a has-been. That is insulting and the the farthest thing from the truth. Last time I checked has-beens don't achieve number 1 records in multiple countries. Especially 45 years into their career. Ozzy's voice has changed a little in those years, but his spirit has not. Tony was flawless as usual and Geezer's performance was mind blowing. The only sad note was the absence of Bill but Tommy did a good job filling in. Sabbath are legends and should be respected as such. They are the most important band of their genre.

  3. I posted the comment above but left something out I would like to say now. The new material on 13 is amazing. It's wonderful to even have new Sabbath in 2013 much less incorporating it into the setlist. A cash-grab act would be content to merely play the old material but they have exceeded expectations by releasing the quality of music they have on 13. The introduction of new music into setlist and shaking it up is always a good thing.

  4. You're more like the metal "un"advisor by saying last nights show was anything less than AMAZING! The new songs may have drawn a reaction from you had you not arrived still mourning Dio. R.I.P. You sir cheated yourself!

  5. I attended last night's show and am amused by the de rigueur comments. "Simpleton" is the word that comes to mind by mindless Black Sabbath worshippers. And I am a long-time fan of the band. The blog post is spot on. Geezer Butler's bass playing was amazing; N.I.B. sensational. Tony Iommi's virtuoso performance was fantastic. Tommy Clufetos did a credible job of mimicking Bill Ward's jazz-like mastery of the tubs. Ozzy sang as well as he is capable and better than expected. However, from merchandise, to a DJ opener, to a re-creation of multiple chords and leads on 13 (which is not a bad thing), the profit motif is palpable. The blog, for those who read it in entirety, states all of that and is an objective critique of the concert. That is what blogs are for; not to pretend to be 20 again and blindly engage in idol worship. Newsflash: The need for money is not required to want to make money. If people are looking for "yes" columns then don't read opinion pieces. Sabbath are metal legends and performed admirably. Their music is still relevant and powerful. But to not recognize repetition (even if good) and to feel insulted is closed-minded. An "amazing" show is not perfect. No show is. So enjoy the ride and the diversity of opinion, and take the review for what it is worth. Lighten up, folks.

  6. Great review. I, too, was absolutely underwhelmed by 13 - feels like Sabbath trying to cover Sabbath, if that makes any sense. That said, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love to attend one of these shows. I was fortunate enough to see Heaven & Hell on their last stop in Cincinnati and it's a memory I will always cherish. As absolutely important as Sabbath's music will always be, I do think Ozzy's reality-star status and the infighting has tarnished the band's legacy a little. In the end, though, it's all about Iommi (and Butler, of course) - all hail the almighty riff!

    1. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  7. Man worse write up ever.....I saw them in Tampa and they were great as for you not liking 13 you missed what Sabbath is all about. Listen to the album about 10 times and you will fall in love with it. Some of us have been listening to Sabbath w/Ozzy for 30 years. More from Ozzt ffs hes really up there in age and i am suprise on how good he actual sounded. You think and true Sabbath fan cares about paranoid, iron man, war pigs your high. We are all there to see some of their new and some of their deep cuts. Get a clue

  8. Dude, why did you even bother going to the show, let alone take the time to spew your cynical, sophomoric "review"? There are so many things wrong with your takes that I wouldn't know where to start. By the way.....Dio is need to get over it. I saw Sabbath with Dio in 1981, and it was awesome.....but Dio Sabbath is a totally apples and oranges comparison to Ozzy Sabbath, as any true fan would know. The Klipsch show was fantastic. Too bad you couldn;t have given your ticket to a real fan.

  9. What a ridiculous review! I'm with the guy that said real BS fans were not there for war pigs, paranoid, etc. I was there for hearing under the sun and new tunes! I love the hits but c'mon man you're so called review made you sound like nothing but a little kid. If anyone deserves idol worship it's BS.

  10. I say right on. Write on. I was there Sunday and could not agree with you more.

  11. I was there and the show was great. I think it's funny you say the concert grew tiresome as soon as they played a new song...and it was only song 5 by that point. Monotonous? Tiresome? Wow. Are you even a fan bro?

  12. I don't rank the negatives listed here as strongly - the new songs were somewhat sparse (and sounded great) and were very well placed within the classics and better received than I expected. Ozzy spoke enough to just make up for the repetition of the phrases mentioned and was more active, sang and talked better than expected. Clufetos, Iommi and Butler were awesome. I have a brand new respect for just how well Butler plays. And Clufetos was way impressive, managing to make a loooong drum solo a thing of beauty. The lights and video production were well done, too, especially during the drum solo. Seeing them live gave me a better feel for all the metal and prog lineage that flows from them. Highly recommend seeing them if you can.

  13. With the smell of ignorance in the air, this review is a thinly-veiled joke.

  14. What did you expect exactly? For them to play paranoid, war pigs, and iron man 5 times each? Anyone who went should consider themselves lucky as there are a lot of true fans who would have LOVED to go. You didn't deserve to be there.

  15. I thought it was a great show. I don't agree with your comment about Ozz being a has-been. All things Sabbath is on a revival right now. And I for one dug the new songs being in the setlist. If you're stuck on the hits you miss all the album tracks and some great tunes. Iron man a Sabbath does not make!

  16. This is coming from someone who wasn't there and I expect this review to be true to the writer's experience, to get a detailed summary of the concert and always a part of their own opinion. This is exactly what I got from this and I'm glad to hear that it sounded like you enjoyed yourself out there and had the chance to see Sabbath live. For other readers, if it bothers you that it wasn't to your taste of Ozzy worshiping, then definitely go find another outlet for your concert reviews because you won't find an ass-kissing review of that sort over here.

    Back to the important things, it sounds like an overall positive review of the show. Makes me wish I could really go catch them live soon. I expected to hear that Clufetos couldn't pull it off but I'm really excited to hear that he showed off and exceeded everyone's expectations. It sounds like Ozzy is still holding strong and keeping his place in the Black Sabbath lineup. Also, let's not forget that everyone was in the presence of two true metal gods (Iommi and Butler), so this seemed extremely worth it.

    Now some people here are truly in denial if you don't want to admit that this was reunion wasn't a cash grab. Looking at some of these comments, there are still fans who blindly follow Ozzy Sabbath to hell, so I'm pretty sure the band is aware of this. With all good intentions, they will also be interested in the other benefits. They're fucking bloody Black Sabbath, they know they still have a name to live up to in this industry and it shouldn't break your heart when you hear that it might be related to getting some cash. Some of these comments though, people are so caught up pissing themselves over the has-been comment that it seems like they didn't bother to continue reading on about the actual show.

    I don't understand the logic of one having to listen to an album more than twice to really know if you like it or not, let alone ten times. The meaning of a true fan isn't liking every single material a band brings out and swallowing everything they present to you. Music is all about opening your mind, truly feeling it and having a critique of your own. I also disagree with one having to get over Dio's death, as if that's some magical cure to start liking Ozzy. One can have their preference towards Ozzy or Dio but no fan has the right to tell anyone to get over someone's death. That is way disrespectful and such a tasteless comeback to prove a pointless argument. Certainly something I think even the rest of the band members would shudder at.

    Anyways, thanks again for the review! Keep writing on and telling it like it is, as there are still more people out there to piss off!

  17. Black Sabbath was spectacular!!!! This was no cash grab! I've seen Ozzy solo on multiple occasions and that's always been Ozzy's concert talk " I can't f'ing hear you". He was not going thru the motions at all...I felt he gave 100% of what he had to give. I was very tunes fit in seamlessly too. Iommi and Butler were excellent as always, Ozzy(for me anyway) was the "X" factor and he passed with flying colors(not perfect but damn good)....Sabbath Rules!!!!

  18. What I got from this is that he thinks 13 is a shit album. Which it is. And where does it say he only wanted to see the classics (War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man, etc.)? It doesn't say that anywhere. Ya'll need to take a chill pill and stop making assumptions because you're butt-hurt fanboys.

  19. Telling it like it was? Don't make me laugh. I've been a Sabbath fan since Vol 4 and hardly consider myself a fanboy. I respect all the members of original Sabbath and Ozzy is a metal legend as well as Tony & Geezer and of course Bill. Appreciate that that was Black fucking Sabbath up there. I'm all about truth but 'the metal advisor' was not telling it how it was and gave an inaccurate review of the show in my opinion.

    1. Laughs are good once in a while, that is totally what I'm doing by reading these comments. wow!! well then, your credentials certainly show enough evidence of not being a fanboy, this certainly makes everything clear. No, really enough of this nonsense, let's seriously talk about music here. I think it's great that you respect everyone in the lineup, I totally hear you out on that. I am pretty sure the writer appreciated watching black sabbath up there or else they would have clearly stated, "don't even bother going to any of these shows, it's not fucking worth it".

      The Metal Advisor goes out to shows because they love and appreciate all sorts of music. They have the time and interest to review music and share their concert experiences. Just because they may have made comments about certain band members that have irked many of you, does not make his opinion and concert experience wrong. To go further into this, in what way is it "inaccurate"? did he give the wrong setlist? incorrect happenings during the show? posted false pictures? If it's not related to any of that, then what you are referring to as "inaccurate" is their opinion on this specific show and that, mr/ms."i've been a sabbath fan since Vol 4", is pretty silly to me. It's totally fine to disagree if you had an amazing experience and Sabbath ripped your face off with their songs. Please do tell but it's not cool to be saying someone's opinion is invalid or fake just because it doesn't coincide with your opinion.

    2. Wait, wait, WAIT just a minute now. Let's step back and review the logic in our argument for just a moment. In your last statement, you claim to be all about the truth. Is a blog post about a concert a factual piece of writing? Absolutely not. The Metal Advisor was telling how it was TO HIM. If you do not agree, no one can tell you otherwise. But to be offended by an individual's opinions on a performance that was not your own is simply nonsensical. One cannot claim that The Metal Advisor's (or anyone else's) commentary is inaccurate. The post is a review based on opinions.

      Furthermore, you state that you do not consider yourself a fanboy - but once again, this is an opinion. It sounds to me, that in your short rage of a post, that you are quite the fanboy! That is my humble opinion. The Metal Advisor never states or implies disrespect for any of the members of the band (He states that Ozzy is a has-been. Disrespectful? No. Everyone has their peaks and valleys). An honest review admits when there are faults in the performance, but praises what deserves to be praised.

      The review is a subjective work, and if you do not like it, then try a Black Sabbath fan site rather than a blogger's page. But I understand that you could not resist reading on. The piece is very well written.

  20. I wrote the comment a couple responses above. When i said i was a fan since Vol 4 I meant nothing by it except saying I've been a fan for 40 years now. It meant I've seen Sabbath go through ups and downs and i like all eras of their history. Peaks and valleys indeed. Inaccurate was the wrong word...what I meant moreso was judging from everyone around me and the rest of the crowd responses was that Sabbath was truly crowd pleasing. The show in my opinion was NEVER tiresome or plodding as the reviewer stated. No disrespect mates!

  21. In my opinion I don't think you have a clue what you're talking about. The show was very satisfying and from the 3rd row you could see a very happy smiling Tony and an energetic Ozzy as they graced the stage to their classic War Pigs. Check out the you tube videos of the opener. The set continued without a hitch and one of the personal highlights for me was Geezer's jaw dropping bass solo that connected Behind The Wall Of Sleep to NIB. Crowd reaction was spirited and Ozzy satisfied with his usual stage banter/interaction. A fine night was had by all in my group of friends.

  22. My butt feels like its been fisted to the shoulder blades proceeded by full entry of the fister's body until they own control of me after reading these arguements by you people who do not understand that this is an OPINION page!!!!!! What a bunch of flies sniffing for shit. Damn near all of you are peons.

  23. You know what irks me? This review. Now there's something that fell flat on its face. I read a comment saying it was well written. How? One part states 'at this point the concert was worth its weight in gold'. That literally does not make sense. Is he referring to the venue then? Or the stage or something? I understand what he meant by it but that's a bad analogy or example seeing as a concert is an event, not something with actual weight. Or what about Into The Void and Snowblind fitting into the 'mood'. Well i should certainly hope so seeing as they are songs by the same band from the same era in time and the fact that Sabbath has a distinctive sound and feel to all their music. There are inconsistencies in the review through and through. How can material that fell flat on its face also be considered getting an 'overwhelming response and undoubtedly one of the favorites'. You see its statements like these that make the review fail as logical.

    1. Sir, I'm pretty sure your review just "failed as logical." LOL. Some of this shit just cracks me up. You are attempting to weave your opinion in with The Metal Advisor's opinion - a grave inconsistency in itself. The post refers to 13's material as tiresome, but praises the classical material. An individual's opinion. The post states that "at this point the concert was worth its weight in gold" - meaning that one song itself, Children of the Grave, made the entire concert worth it to him. He didn't totally bash the concert. He actually liked it. Shocking - I know!!! You, sir, "literally do not make sense."

      I don't have the time, and frankly I don't care enough to argue with you idiots and show you exactly where you're wrong. Learn to dissect and evaluate the English language and situational-based usage before pouncing unfoundedly and unintelligently. #moron

  24. I think it's funny how every comment made here defending the metal assclown seems very similar. Hmm. Almost like they are all by the same person. It sure seems that way. I wonder... Anyway, i think the comment made by the person stating the review as illogical, while a little hard to follow, does make sense. They state they understand what he meant by it but that is wasn't the right usage. I sorta gotta agree. His review definitely has inconsistencies.

  25. For the record, I haven't made a single comment on the post. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the commentary. Gotta go get some more popcorn.

  26. I am a long-time metal head and remember the beginnings of heavy metal. It's taken me this long to stop laughing at the plethora of remedial comments made by an obviously uneducated group of morons. And yes, I attended the concert and sat close to the stage. The traditional ad hominem (that means lack of substance and simply mean spirited since most of you won't understand the words) attacks are laughable. So let's go back to kindergarten and review the facts.

    The review praised Geezer and Tony and said they fulfilled expectations. Also noted Tony's engagement with the crowd. Said they had passion. Said they were not to be missed and to catch the last seven shows. Check.

    Nowhere did the reviewer call for only the hits. Perhaps you were reading your own inner thoughts. Check.

    The reviewer said he was satisfied. Did you miss the description of Children of the Grave? Check.

    The reviewer noted Ozzy's substance abuse issues but said that he was exceeding expectations. Check. Should you expect more? Why not? Look at Mick Jagger. Look at Rob Halford (even hunched over). Shuffling around the stage, shouting two lines (oh, and "I love you all."), and throwing water buckets doesn't cut it if you want to be a 60s star. Nor does introducing God is Dead? at the wrong time. But for you retreads who worship, I guess it does.

    The reviewer said that Ozzy kept saying the same things over and over. Check. By the way, for those of you butt lunches who were too wasted to hear that. He did.

    The reviewer torqued you with the cash grab comment. Have you experts watched Sharon in action or read Bill's interviews? Check the prices of merchandise? Know how much you save without and opening act? He didn't say that a cash grab was wrong but noted the facts. Check.

    The reviewer praised Tommy Clufetos' drumming. Check. I imagine most of you tools were bitching when Bill was excluded and yelled that Tommy sucked at the initial shows.

    The reviewer critiqued 13. Do you have eyes and ears? He didn't say it was bad. He noted the pace and monotonous vocals. The songs played are in similar time and vocal pitch. Hello? Why do you think no Loner or Pariah? Why do you think Methedemic was dropped from the setlist a couple of weeks ago? Ask Ozzy or the vocal synthesizer at the mixer board. 13 is a great metal album from progenitors of metal. But if you can't hear the song similarities then your lack of earplugs over time has taken effect. (How about that, Vol. 4?) And by the way, he noted the crowd response to God is Dead? Check.

    Now let's turn to logic. I don't think Mr. Spock has written any of the inane comments above. Funny how name calling and unsupported assertions are there. Didactic reasoning my ass. The comments collectively should have said: "We blindly worship Sabbath, don't want to hear any criticism, and will bitch at anyone who says anything critical." (That's close to that ad hominem stuff for those of you who were not following above.) The review is positive with opinion observations. So let's not make it something else. Logic does not mean without criticism for those of you who fell short of your GEDs. Hey assclown, that would be you.

    So call it what it is. You assail anyone who says anything that could possibly be construed as negative. That's OK. Your prerogative. But one question: If you are the experts and the reviewer is misguided, why waste your time commenting? That's what I thought: Small minds with nothing else to do.

    So hope you all are enjoying flaming without reading. Good for you. Next time, however, think about what you write. No fun seeing so many idiots in print.

    Sabbath is great. Either with Ozzy or Dio. But great is not perfect. And if you can't handle a serious review, go back to Stepford and save up for the next concert.

  27. Great show, brah. But I couldn't agree with you more. As much as I enjoyed it, the show was a let down in certain areas. Nonetheless, so glad I got to see them. Would definitely go to more of their live performances, but hope Ozzy puts a little more pep in his step!

  28. The show was great! Don't know what you cats are talking about! My man ozz was in top form. I was super impressed. Best moment was when the guy jumped in stage and ozzy said 'there's always one!'. Wonderful show. Good to hear all the opinions here!

  29. I was there and the show was fantastic. It was a dream come true seeing them again after all this time! Tony was an absolute wonder and Ozzy worked the crowd into a frenzy! Geezer was great and i loved the solo by Tommy too. Here's to hoping we see them again!!!


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