Monday, April 15, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Megadeth and Sodom's New Tracks

One of the most notorious men in metal, Dave Mustaine, is back at it, this time with a sneak peak from the upcoming Megadeth record, Super Collider. Admittedly, initial impressions aren't strong, and the bland artwork continues the streak of forgettable album covers since Countdown to Extinction. Of course, I should let the music speak for itself, but "Don't Turn Your Back" sounds uninspired and like a second-rate leftover from Dave's archives. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Like MegaDave, Sodom is back with a new track called "Stigmatized," and these Germans sound absolutely vicious and revitalized. As one of my favorite bands regardless of metal subgenre, Angelripper's vocals left my jaw on the floor and are a welcome change from other recent output, sounding more like something from the Tapping the Vein era than the pure thrash churnned out on Agent Orange. If the song is any indication of the what Epitome of Torture will sound like, hopefully we'll see more death metal influence injected into Sodom's music.

Let 'em rip,


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