Friday, July 1, 2011

Amaranthe: Perfecting Pop

Amaranthe living the big life with a Porsche GT3.
Three people do vocals in Amaranthe? What is this--a pop group? Well, yes.

By now, you've probably heard some really poppy "metal" of whatever variety. I find that the guiltiest offenders are usually metalcore or Gothenburg-styled melodic death metal with a catchy chorus shoehorned in. I suppose I should tell you that I just ran into the group Amaranthe via during a random band search, but I'm left scratching my head as to how anyone can call them metal. Mind you, I'm making my assumption based one song because it's so darn poppy.

Apparently Amaranthe released their first album a couple of months ago. Looking into the band on YouTube, they seem to have been marketed fairly well beacuse their video for "Hunger" already has over half a million views despite only being released in February. My guess is that it's due to their female vocalist who appears to be a gimmick, meaning she's there to attract attention, perhaps promoting album sales in the process. Sure, she's a pretty decent vocalist, but she should set out on a pop career, not some glitzy, overproduced pseudo-metal pop project.

I scratch my head even more when see what people are calling this band subgenrewise: a melodic death metal and power metal combo. I don't hear any power metal in this song, just a healthy dose of pop fused with a heavily metalcore-inspired melodic death metal sound. The fusion of pop is so great that it's really only metal in a few places; I'll consider a few of the "riffs" metal if I'm feeling nice. Regardless, I predict this band will be a good gateway for aspiring metalheads to bigger and better things.

Laughably, I read on Blabbermouth that the guitar player said he wanted to do something completely new and fresh with this band. He didn't succeed, of course.


Amaranthe - "Hunger"

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