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Also be aware that your music is subject to my opinion. If you aren't prepared for the possibility of me disliking your album, please don't make a submission.


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  2. My brother's name is Stephen Browning. He is doing a life sentence in Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. He has been locked up for almost 21 years now. He plays the bass guitar and very well may I add. I am posting this to get his name out on the web and ask for anyone who would like to write the parole board for him. After all, we all deserve a second chance after we have been forgiven. He wants photo's from this web. That is my other purpose. :)
    Thank you,
    Laura "Browning" Gilmer
    Steve's inmate number is: 308-176

  3. I just wanted to say that Demetori has released a new album (Lebenstrieb & Todestrieb) and since you have done a few articles about the band's previous albums, I thought you might be interested.

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