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This blog exists to cater metal fans across the globe. You're from Japan? Konichiwa. Norway? Hallo. Canada? Hello. It doesn't matter where you call home because we're all united toward a universal cause. So, follow me, and I'll lead you deep into an underground cavern where I keep my archives of compact disks, vinyl, and cassettes. Undoubtedly, you'll have heard of many of the bands you see as you shuffle through the shelves; others not so much. From Judas Priest to Lago, we'll take a look at the whole lot. I hope you enjoy the ride.

So, who am I?--admittedly nothing more than a devotee to our sacred music. Most live in ignorant bliss of who I am as a disciple of the Metal Gods. I am an aficionado at heart with one goal in mind: to lead the metal legion onward with the discovery and discussion of the music we love. Aside from my daily wear leather jacket (adorned with two Iron Maiden pins) and a Skeletonwitch beanie, I traverse the world in relative obscurity as an enthusiast. Surprisingly, I don't have many metal tees, and even when I do wear them, the naive fail to see who I am. But that's okay. I prefer to keep it that way because only those clever enough to pick up on my passion are the ones worthy of my wisdom.

In all seriousness, The Metal Advisor was conceived on a cold, dreary, winter-like night in April 2011. I had but one goal in mind and that was to share the music I cherish with a few close friends and family, whether they liked it or not. As time passed, however, I realized I had a strong passion for writing, and The Metal Advisor grew into an obsession. Since my childhood, the addiction to music has been strong, but only in more recent years has it grabbed me with overzealous enthusiasm, forcing me to have it playing no matter what I'm doing. I'm always fully aware of what I'm listening to, even as I have something else going on. With this metalhead, multitasking is a must.

The journey began in my early years, in no small part thanks to my father, who regularly worships at the altar of the Metal Gods. Iron Maiden's Powerslave--particularly the title track and "Aces High"--played an integral role in my development as a person and as a metalhead. Thanks to Harris and company, hard and heavy music flows in my veins. I often travel the globe in search of fresh tunes; traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, and death metal remain my favorites, although other sub-genres are certainly welcome because metal is such a vast genre.

I am also a musician. At the age of five, I hastily picked up a guitar only to dislike the material I was forced to play. But once my niche in music cemented itself, I took the instrument and ran with it. I can frequently be found at Dio's grave emotionally reproducing "Holy Diver" note for note as a tribute to one of the metal greats. Wherever you are, Dio, you remain an inspiration to us all.

Besides that, I compose, write, and record my own tunes. But you'll have a hard time getting me to finish a composition by a proposed deadline--I am too anal for my own good and sometimes take months to complete a single track.

My other passions include automobiles, especially those of the European variety (Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche), mechanical watches (modern and vintage), audio equipment (I'm a total sucker for good headphones and tube amps), long distance road cycling and running, attempting to learn languages, architecture (Art deco and Victorian styles. Brush Park in Detroit, MI might have been the most amazing gathering of Victorian architecture I've seen in my life. Sadly, the majority have collapsed from abandonment or been razed.), and, finally, traveling. Places I'd like to see are Switzerland, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Japan, and South Korea. My recent trip to Paris set off the travel bug in me.

Now you have a slight idea of who I am. I am no celestial being, but a fairly normal metal-loving human with a few quirks. I won't reveal my true identity, but rest assured you're in good hands. As a general rule of thumb, I will guide and teach you as an enlightened individual on the topic of heavy metal; you might find you don't like every tidbit I post, but something you love will pop up shortly thereafter. And don't forget, you can make a request via email. I will never ignore my readers. You are my first priority.

I may or may not add more to this in the future. For now, it is adequately adequate.



  1. Fantastic bio man, really well written but thats no surprise.

  2. Love the about page!

    I recently started my own blog on all things metal at metalmusicblog.com and I see I have much to learn!

    Like you, I am nothing special... I just love to write about metal \m/

    Cheers and see you round the community.


  3. Great blogg! I´m slowly turning my blogg to English until then there is a google translator on the blogg. On my blogg you will find exlusive photos for example Sweden Rock Festivals 2000-2013. You will also find the musicvideos i produced under the Film Portfolio.

    1. Nice blog. And thanks for introducing me to Huntress.