Saturday, August 29, 2015

Status Destrose: Mardelas, Fate Gate, and Disqualia

The demise (or supposed hiatus) of Destrose--a band I included in a piece last year--birthed a handful of acts as the membership went in different directions. Virtuoso-like vocalist Marina went on to form supergroup Mardelas with former Light Bringer members, while founding member Mina established Fate Gate, a band piggybacking off Destrose's small, but important, successes. More specifically, the band released an alleged original version of Destrose's "Romancer," which feels poorly executed and rough around the edges. The vocalist, whose name escapes me, performs adequately, though she lacks power and body to her voice.

Next to Destrose's version, it's easy to see why the song falls short. Marina simply punishes the microphone and clearly has more experience performing. The production is also meatier and the instrumentation lacks the frilly synths and bells.

Skip to 15:17 for Destrose's "Romancer":

Following Marina further, we uncover Mardelas, who effortlessly wipe the floor with Fate Gate, in terms of musicianship and capability. Members of the revered Light Bringer call the band home, in addition to Screaming Symphony, so the level of execution speaks for itself. Marina has improved substantially since her Destrose days, and she continues to make good use of her unique, recognizable vibrato.

The final chapter in the saga is Disqualia, a band comprised of Risa Risa, Narumi, and Ibuki (a live member), who also performed under the Destrose moniker. As far as I know, no material has been released, but my hope is that they one up Fate Gate.

At the moment, Mardelas is unquestionably the winner here, because the membership boasts experience, attention to detail, and chops. But that doesn't mean Fate Gate and Disqualia won't pack a punch--even imperfect, and perhaps sloppy, music has a charm all its own and can enjoy a cult following. Just ask Entombed and Left Hand Path.



  1. Hey, long time. Glad to see you are still writing. One of the few people brave enough to comment on Japanese bands! Glad to see that sort of variety.

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  3. Don't forget that there is another great Metal band, Mary's Blood, which is also formed from ex-members of Destrose. Although this is more of from the old members of Destrose.

    1. I'm not as much a fan of Mary's Blood as I am of Destrose and Mardelas (which is why I didn't include them). Perhaps I should give them another chance. Thanks for the comment!

    2. I was shocked when I knew that Eye (vocalist of Mary's Blood) can do growls

      Watch here:

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  5. I'm so happy that my video was featured here!

    Well Disqualia released their single. It's not bad tho but I quiet didn't like the effects on the vocals.
    There's still no announcement coming from the DESTROSE members


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