Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wonderfully Nerdy: A Conversation with Øyvind Rekdal of Cleaver & Chton

At The Metal Advisor, we make it no secret that we love Cleaver, Chton, and their free-spirited members to death. Three years ago, we interviewed Cleaver for the first time and found them cordial, sincere, and, best of all, fun as hell, so we naturally jumped at the chance to talk with them again--and Øyvind was ready and raring to go at the opportunity. 

Our goal with this interview was to get a bit more personal and find out what drives the collective membership (or, in this case, Øyvind!). The story behind Cleaver's music and what inspires their themes and imagery were questions we curiously pondered, as we absorbed Øyvind's grimy, spacey sci-fi answers. Or perhaps it was the horror books and films the band spoke highly of in the past. Regardless, it was a bunch of hoopla and folklore to us, but we're eager to learn and, with Øyvind's book and film recommendations in hand, we have an extremely solid place to start.

And you will, too.