Saturday, January 10, 2015

Toxik - "Too Late" + "Crooked Crosses"

TMA is in a short break mode as the first of 2015's worthwhile releases slowly trickle in.

In the meantime, Toxik released two new songs late last year, and I'm finally getting around to giving them a listen. Your thoughts are more than welcome--I'm leaving the two tracks, "Too Late" and "Crooked Crosses," below for your listening pleasure.



  1. First thought was, "sigh... Sanders' voice has aged. He can't hit the high notes anymore. It's going to be Sanctuary all over again." But then the song starts to kick ass, and he actually does hit some respectable highs. He even has a crazy, muppety Justin Hawkins thing going on there at the end of 'Crooked Crosses'. I'm sold.

    Loved these guys back in the day. Excited to hear the new album now for sure.

    1. "Crooked Crosses" is the better of the two, but I dig them both!

      Funnily enough, I had the same thoughts as you, but then the music sinks in and gets better. While I don't expect Toxik to match their "classic" material, I'm hoping for something uniform in quality and something to make up for their, oh I don't know, 25-year absence!