Monday, December 8, 2014

Evergrey - "King of Errors"

Nine times out of 10, I enjoy music videos for what they are and leave it at that. They serve their intended purpose of painting a picture of the band's lineup or a song's subject mattter, but sooner or later I forget about them and focus on what matters most--the music. But sometimes, long after the fact, they manage to leave a lasting impression on me, even as the music quitely creeps back into my collection, jettisoned from the daily listening rotation.

Evergrey's "King of Errors" is one of those times.

Just look at the spacious area Evergrey gets to play with--it's interesting, dare I say original, and gorgeous in an industrial sort of way. This isn't the normal "let's cram the band into a small room or in front of a green screen and play to your heart's content." No, it's something entirely different, and I applaud Everygrey and AFM Records for making it happen. Coupled with a monumnetal opening filled with water and vast landscapes, it's a full-blown production. It's, quite literally, something else, as the expression commonly goes.

Frontman Tom Englund explains the message Evergrey's most recent record projects and the story behind it here. And, from what I can tell, "King of Errors" fits nicely within the theme. It's just a great piece of music that's not only gripping as far as the melody goes, but also with the lyrical content. It's an engaging piece for the band, I think, even though I admit to being unfamiliar with most of their discography.



  1. I swear one day I'm going to figure out how to post on blogspot through my wordpress ID.... its log in method makes no sense though. I should just get an Open ID I guess. Anyway, watching this video makes me really wish other bands would consider getting away from exactly what you stated, them playing in a small studio in front of a green screen. Playing in nature doesn't exactly have to be like an Immortal video on a mountaintop or some ancient ruin ..... a metal band can play in a field of flowers and as long as its filmed well with an eye towards tastefulness, it will look great.

    Wisdom's video for "Heaven and Hell" comes to mind.

    1. I know making another ID is a royal pain in the ass, but that's what I did for wordpress-based blogs. I have my blog's address linked in the profile.

      We both have the same opinion of Evergrey, I think. Some metal bands are too afraid to step away from dark imagery and move toward something brighter and more relatable to the average, everyday person (like a meadow). It's a bit sad, if you think about it. But it is what it is.

      I bet you could write an excellent editorial on this topic.

  2. I'm racing to finish my albums of the year post for my self imposed monday morning deadline! But after that ----- definitely will put it on the ideas list!