Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blood Stain Child - Last Stardust (2014)

Yep, this band has officially gone down the shitter.

Since losing their previous clean vocalist, Sophia, Blood Stain Child has essentially done a 360 for heavier modern rock with their newest single, Last Stardust. Never mind the fact that the b-side ,"Over the Galaxy," has remnants of Epsilon's fruity trance metal sound; instead, the overwhelming majority of Last Stardust sees the band favor generic song structures devoid of decent guitar riffs and discard much of the uniqueness that set them apart from the crowd in the first place.

Replacement clean vocalist Kiki further sours the experience, and lacks Sophia's recognizable tone and range, too. Her accent tends to be unbearable and nearly impossible to understand, which doesn't do Blood Stain Child any favors. When songs written in English meet a thick accent, any chance of a worldwide audience is considerably lessened, not to mention an enjoyment factor of about zilch.

Although Last Stardust is a single and perhaps not indicative of a future full-length, it doesn't inspire confidence. It's like listening to a bad pop song that you can't get out of your head--sure, it's catchy, but that doesn't automatically mean it's quality music. One of two things should happen here: go back to sounding like At the Gates with keyboards, or look to Epsilon for how to write blistering pop music. Or, you know, have Sophia return to the fold. Sorry, Kiki. You just ain't cutting it.


The only enjoyable thing about this song is the energetic drumming. 


  1. I've personally never liked extreme metal and hardcore music, but when it's combined with pop influence, it honestly just gets even worse. Yeah, these guys really need something like a miracle to save them.

    1. I detest metalcore, which is what Blood Stain Child's style of "melodic death metal" leans toward. That being said, I adore Epsilon, and Idolator is pretty good At the Gates worship.

      Last Stardust is the beginning of the end for this band.

  2. I find that people are generally very pessimistic about the future of this group. I listen to several times the new EP and I must say that I really apreciate it. To me, their next LP will be close to Epsilon but with much more maturity. Their new vocalist Kiki has a chance in the meantime to improve and impress us I am persuaded. I am confident that BSC will not be relegated to oblivion and may even have more and more visiblity worldwide.

  3. Heh, seeing ''TheMetalAdvisor'' make a statement that this ''will be the beginning of the end for this band'', made me giggle a bit. I think these guys sound more like they used to, the one BSC that I actually liked the most, but with some Epsilon flavour. I think this is the beginning of a new era for them(As it always is when a new album comes out) morelike, if anything. Epsilon alone bored the hell out of me after a couple of play throughs.

    Well, in the end it's all about sharing our opinions, which we really can't argue about. But I thought I'd share mine.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I always like seeing another point of view.

      Personally, I think Last Stardust is a snoozefest when placed next to Epsilon, Idolator, and Silence of Northern Hell--three albums that have distinct stylistic differences. I wouldn't mind if they went back to being an At the Gates clone like on Idolator. They pulled it off well.