Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vinyl Feature: Northless' World Keeps Sinking

Ah, yes, Northless' World Keeps Sinking, the recipient of countless glowing reviews and, in due time, the recipient of even more. Yet we still haven't seen a report covering the double vinyl pressing, which fans to tend splurge on as an alternative to the digital download. How well does it stack up?

Fortunately, like every other Halo of Flies release I've handled, it's worth every penny. The robust gatefold jacket--surely pricier to produce--holds two clear records, limited to 200 pieces worldwide. That's already enough of a reason to pick up a copy of World Keeps Sinking on vinyl for many buyers.

But if clear doesn't float your boat, an additional 400 were pressed in black and are what most traditionalists will add to their collections. For me, however, I have no reservations against clear because, in my experience, it sounds just as good--if not better--than black counterparts. My detailed analysis of Cold Blue Mountain's clear-ish vinyl release is a great example of that.

If you're more of a collector with a penchant for pretty things, World Keeps Sinking comes with a download card, too, like many modern vinyl releases. You don't have to play the record to enjoy it (you can look at it instead!); simply enter the code on the provided piece of paper into the Halo of Flies website, and you're off on your way to musical bliss, without dropping the needle on your beloved purchase.

Rather than display my records, I prefer to spin them, and Northless doesn't disappoint. World Keeps Sinking was made for an analog format, dripping warmth and intimacy only possible from an expertly cut piece of wax. Am I satisfied? You betcha. This album will see some serious playtime and a review in the future.


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