Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vinyl Feature: Amber's Lovesaken

With yet another Halo of Flies release hitting my turntable, I concede to being obsessed with the label's roster and each artist that comes across my radar. Germany's Amber are the perpetrators this time around, and their second release, Lovesaken, looks absolutely gorgeous spinning at 33rpm, glimmering with every rotation and emitting wonderful noise only possible from a mixture of sludge and post-rock.

Like my previous feature on Cold Blue Mountain's debutLovesaken takes similar styling cues, blending clear and blue coloring. The combination is as excellent as it sounds and feels like a quality piece to the touch, just hefty enough to fit in among the rest of the popular 180-gram vinyl. Make no mistake, however; this is no overly thick piece of wax, but instead a properly proportioned release from a tremendous band and a tremendous label. 

Known as Halo of Flies 57th pressing, one would think Lovesaken's cover is much too delicate for music as harsh as Amber's, since the jacket depicts an illustration of cover girl Nora Lovely. Even so, I can't think of a better choice of art. In an odd sort of way, Amber's music is just as exquisite as it is abrasive, and the trippy coloring coupled with a beautiful woman is a unique stab at artwork.

The lyric sheet isn't a wimpy piece of paper, either, and shows attention to detail in the smallest of places. The vinyl's sleeve, a slice of tissue-like material, seems incapable of scratching the wax upon removal and is a nice touch. The suggestion that no corners were cut is a good one because the overall package is certainly a masterpiece and a handsome addition to Amber's discography.

And if you couldn't tell by now, I'm overjoyed to add Lovesaken to my collection because, not only is the music fantastic, but is the presentation a marvel and something I'll relish when I plunk the record down on my turntable. 200 copies of the clear/blue splatter exist. Less than 27 likely remain. Get it while you can.


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  1. I love love LOVE this record - so glad you featured it. Halo of Flies is synonymous with quality - both in physical product and artists. This may well be my favorite release on their roster.