Friday, August 9, 2013

In the News: The Sludgelord Contest, Wicked Mystic, and Junior Bruce

On Sunday, revered metal blog, The Sludgelord, and Gogmagogical Records teamed up for a week-long contest, with an opportunity to win a rarity: a test pressing of Fister's Violence. The vinyl, originally used to monitor and evaluate the record, is one of seven and sure to be a sought after item in the coming years. For collectors, this is a chance to win big time. Better yet, for doom metal lovers, this is musical ecstasy.

You have until Sunday (8/11) to enter. Follow the link here to score.


With a name borrowed from Annihilator, Wicked Mystic return with a fresh video that promotes mid-paced thrasher, "Beware and Whisper." The clip does the bare minimum in terms of visual aid essential to media these days, and the dark, evil aesthetic doesn't help the band's case, either. Regarding replay value, well, it's practically zilch because we've seen this sort of thing before.


Florida-based quintet, Junior Bruce, recently released their first EP called The Burden. The two-track album can be had free of charge from the act's Bandcamp page and is recommended for fans of doom and stoner metal. While I've only had the EP in my hands for a few hours, I like this one enough to review it. Stay tuned.