Friday, July 12, 2013

Vinyl Feature: Kingsblood's Trudging Through the Field of Crows

Photo credit: James Fiend
Like other Gogmagogical releases, Kingsblood's Trudging Through the Field of Crows is offered in multiple colors: two red and one green, otherwise known as "dragon's blood." Previously lacking a record deal, Kingsblood have put forth the best artwork in ages and easily the finest in the Gogmagogical line-up, handily topping Cold Blue Mountain and just edging out Fister. But what all three bands share in common is the feeling of being handpicked for the roster because they are indeed quality and rarely does that happen in triple succession.

Aside from the cover art, the stunner is each color. In addition to the ghoulish-green, both reds are the hook for buyers and undeniably irresistible to even the hardcore purist who only purchases black. Not unlike Cold Blue Mountain's release, which sounded better colored, Kingsblood follow suit with clear, crisp dynamics and little, if any, surface noise.

Trudging Through the Field of Crows is housed in a thin paper sleeve like most 7" records, suggesting a real focus on music and none on a glitzy package presentation. And, indeed, there is a focus because, while the two-track EP is similar in nature to Amon Amarth, it comfortably trumps those Swedes' past three efforts, putting Kingsblood past their newbie status and toward a major signing deal. Snagging them this early in their career shows good judgment and, again, goes swimmingly with the idea that the artist was specifically handpicked.

Each piece of wax includes a nice touch, too: Gogmagogical's stylized logo just under Kingsblood's name and album title. Most vinyl leaves much to be desired in terms of giving the record label recognition--which is especially important for smaller ones--but that is not the case here, with both represented equally.

All things considered, this is a fantastic release at a budget price. For a mere $8.00 or $20.00 for all three pressings, one can have an extremely sweet EP filled to the brim with two catchy, well-written tracks. Two songs will leave many wanting more, of course, but that will be reason for Kingsblood to get their asses back in the studio as soon as possible.



  1. Thanks so much for the coverage and detail here! Aside from the musicians and recording personnel, of course, credit is due to our pressing partners for the sound quality. Aardvark Mastering has cut each of our records and United Record Pressing stamps the physical vinyl. There are cheaper - and probably faster - alternatives out there but we've been so happy with the quality that I haven't found a reason yet to work with anyone else. Glad you liked 'em - and thanks again!

    1. It's always a pleasure! Quality work deserves spotlight.