Monday, April 1, 2013

Ghost B.C. and Remnants of the Fallen Release New Videos

Impressive as Ghost B.C.'s video for "Secular Haze" was, "Year Zero" fails to live up to expectations. Typical of these Swedes, cringe-worthy Satanic imagery is done with excess, and the tasteless nudity is tough to take seriously. I totally understand the band's obsession with shock tactics and tongue-in-cheek sorcery, but I'm not buying into the madness this time around. At least the eery music is as good as it's ever been.

After a recent interview with Jin Lee, I've been watching Remnants of the Fallen closely, hoping for a visual medium that showcases the band's professionalism and the impact they've had on the eastern metal scene. For a group so new, the production is a media wonder and looks about on par with the metal giants emerging from the United States and Europe. It's damn good to see the guys rising to stardom so quickly.

Check 'em out,



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  2. As I said previously, I think we'll have to agree to disagree on the Ghost video but I wanted to throw my .02 in the ring as to why I think it works so well.

    I love the feel of it so much, it captures that old 60s/70s Satanic panic/horror movie feel really well. They are all sitting there bored until Papa arrives and the ritual begins.

    As far as the nudity goes, I dunno. The Devil and Sex go hand in hand. And to me this wasn't really gratuitous compared to some of the stuff on TV these days. Then again, maybe I'm just desensitized.

    I also liked that it was a wide range of women, I think that's really representative of an actual Coven, it's made up of your everyday joes (janes I guess is a better term,) not just super model pron stars.

    I can't wait for the record. I think they continue to make music that could almost be considered Pop but has a rad super subversive Satanic theme, a nice change from all the super heavy double bass downtuned cookie monster sound of metal.

    Hail Papa Emeritus II!

    1. Man, you're really set on swaying me, aren't you?! I think the video's atmosphere is fitting, but I'm standing by my opinion that the nudity is pretty tasteless.

      In terms of setting, I think "Secular Haze" wins hands down and captures the '60s/'70s/whatever feeling much better. It's hazy and nostalgic. "Year Zero" doesn't do that for me.

      I would have liked to see more of the band in the video, too, because, to me, that's the whole point of a music video. I like a "story," of course, but I enjoy seeing the band, especially one as theatrical as Ghost.

      They're definitely a breath of fresh air--don't get me wrong--but I'm afraid they'll turn into a gimmick if they keep going down the overly Satanic road. I know one thing you'll agree with me on: let's start a petition to throw Ghost B.C. out the window and get Ghost back.

    2. I would definitely agree on that unless it means something really clever aside from the usual BC. Kinda curious if they will use that on shirts or if it's just more of a technicality type thing.

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