Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vinyl Feature: Volture's Rulebreaker

Priced at $6.66, I found it hard to say no to Volture's single, despite the fact that the music was available from Tankcrimes' Bandcamp page at no charge. Initially digital-only, I'm not surprised the Oakland, California-based label picked Rulebreaker as the next potential vinyl release because 1) two songs is nothing compared to a full-length, and 2) 7" records are relatively inexpensive to produce, depending on the quality of the packaging. That's really my only complaint, too: a thin paper sleeve in place of a proper jacket that even my copy of Cut Throat's Thrash Metal Crazy Night has at a cheaper bargain basement cost.

Issued in black and yellow, each copy of Rulebreaker includes a positively glorious retro poster of the cover art that doesn't look out of place next to the round of classic albums from Maiden, Priest, and others. As a 7", I usually tread wearily considering my less than stellar experience with 3 Inches of Blood and Angelus Apatrida's horrible sounding split, but I took a chance with this one and ended up being taken back by rich, warm, and clear sound. Naturally, I opted for the black version--you've seen my complaints in the past with colored vinyl--even if pressing quality, above all, ultimately decides how much I sonically enjoy vinyl.

Looking at Rulebreaker chugging along on the turntable, I realize the packaging is pretty damn bare bones and, oddly enough, a good reminder that music matters more than extras. The release offers little (and by little, I mean a thick jacket because I don't necessarily need the poster), but if you're looking for something other than new tunes from a metal band, you're probably doing it wrong. In spite of my slight complaint with the packaging, this is a wonderful piece of wax that's nostalgic in all the right ways and highly recommended. Won't hurt the wallet, either.



  1. A full color giant poster included with a 7" is actually pretty top notch packaging, what else would a person expect in an ep?

    1. Fair enough! When I compare it with my copy of The Trooper (7") that included a giant color poster and a proper jacket for roughly the same price, you'll see where I'm coming from.

  2. Thanks for the advise Mr. Metaladvisor. Never heard of this band before so i checked out the video. Good band indeed!

    Cool blogg BTW!

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