Sunday, November 25, 2012

Metal Break: Girl's Day Release New Music Video

It's probably a good thing I can't understand the lyrics of the latest Girl's Day song because, judging by the music video's content, I'd hate the sappy puppy love with a fiery passion. As it stands, however, "Don't Forget Me" is normal catchy fare for the girls and they appear more mature to boot. Previous clips have been kind of, well, lacking in the maturity department and instead focused on cuteness rather than something that would stand a chance of breaking into an audience past the younger generation.

It's also probably wishful thinking that Girl's Day could even crack the older generation, considering dance pop and electronica is only huge with the tech savvy young'uns. I can't say the video lends itself hand either because it flat out sucks past the girls looking good--the actual content is terribly played out and fit for some love sick high school girl that messed up with her boyfriend. Seriously, I know pop is supposed to be fun, easy to listen to, and relevant for people aged up to their late twenties, but can't the lyrics be about something else? Whatever. I'll continue to be blissfully unaware of the woefully silly poetics. One slice electronica and another catchy, please. Forget the rest.


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  1. hey, it's actually different from their past songs and i do like the sound of it. I am getting some Wonder Girls vibes from this so it is a good step to appealing to an older audience. I also like this dance much better compared to their other ones. Girl's days have never really interested me but all i know is that i like that Yura girl lol.