Sunday, September 9, 2012

S:t Erik's From Under the Tarn Coming to a Turntable Near You

Coming your way later this month, Sweden's S:t Erik have finally secured a deal to press their crawling debut to an illustrious clear vinyl. From the looks of things, both the label, Spora Records, and S:t Erik appear excited to get the wax into the hands of hungry fans. But why should you, the newcomer, purchase the record? Because I told you to. That's why.

Joking aside, if you like doom metal, From Under the Tarn will be your cup of tea, the sugar sweet yet never too overbearing that you'll be tempted to spit your drink all over the pompous, pinky-hoisting freak sitting next you. Laying low in an effort to stalk its next victim, there's a plodding sense of tension that never seems to reach its full potential, quietly slipping under the rug like a dust bunny waiting to attack. But with S:t Erik, there are a series of ups and downs, both quivering, distorted guitars and mellow clean sections that flip the mood in about half a second's time.

Will From Under the Tarn sound glorious on vinyl? You can bet your ass it will. Doom metal's fuzzy guitars are match made in heaven for warm analog playback. As always, less talk, more music. Enjoy.


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