Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank God We'll NEVER Have to Order from NHR Records Ever Again

I would advise you to avoid, but they're gone.
I always take precaution when ordering from a new record label because the practice is just, well, good practice. Even as I say that, Northern Horde Record's "going-out-of-business" sale was too appealing to pass up because each CD was priced at a measly two dollars--effectively pocket change in an industry that marks up a simple disk astronomically.

How any company can make a profit from that price is beyond me. Isn't the goal to reduce prices during a liquidation sale, but still turn a slight profit? Instead of doing my research, I stupidly jumped the gun and drooled over the fact that four CDs could be had for eight bucks. Heck, I could even buy one or two for a friend of mine (or so I thought...)! My hopes were shattered, sadly, when my order didn't arrive for two months. Something was clearly very wrong, especially because no one at the company cared to reply to emails until the orders were out of their hands.

Where ever-so-slight credit is due, I did eventually get [most of] my albums. But as I expected, the order had a few screws loose like someone had hurriedly shoveled the CDs into the manila envelope they arrived in. The album I grabbed for my friend was no where in sight and instead replaced with a second-rate Slovenian thrash release. I weighed my options and decided the disc would be downright insulting as gift and threw it on the reject shelf. I would have preferred my precious two dollars refunded, honestly.

The rest of my order was correct, but the CDs arrived sandwiched between the inserts and booklets for each album. Turns out, NHR decided to pull a fast one and ship all three discs without their jewel cases. The Canadian customs form even stated only two items were in the package, a damn sly way at reducing the shipping fees a bit. Let's just say this: when you're going out of business, customer satisfaction doesn't matter anymore. Getting rid of stock was the only thing on NHR's mind. No cases? Who cares!

I suppose I really should give a little credit where it's due, though. Yesterday, I opened my inbox to find a clumsy email from Chris @ NHR telling me he is attempting to see that everyone gets what they paid hard earned money for. The message pointed out that the person in charge of shipping had gone AWOL and was, in his words, a "lazy ass." Whether I believe the whole mess is another story, but I won't be pursuing NHR any further. My head already hurts from this one.


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