Friday, July 27, 2012

Vinyl Feature: Havok's Time is Up LP

Taken straight from my personal vinyl collection, Havok's Time is Up is an uncommon piece limited to 500 units worldwide. More often than not, colored records are pressed for novelty's sake, and while they tend to sell out faster than the standard black, it isn't without a cost--the sound quality suffers.

Although colored vinyl is an interesting alternative to black, unwanted surface noise will always be the number one reason I try to avoid infatuation with eye candy all together. For some, buying vinyl is a nostalgic experience and one step further away from the mainstream who consume swaths of digital files daily. For others, vinyl's selling point is the warm, bubbling sound (best found with black vinyl) and a reason to keep the archaic, yet wonderfully unique format around. For me, it's a combination of both.

Sadly, Time is Up was never pressed in black, forcing me to grab the pleasant shade of purple you're (we're!) currently drooling over. I question if there were any benefits to purchasing this one because the production was done digitally--no semblance to analog found its way onto the record, at least to my ears. I  wonder if the mastering is significantly different, or if low bitrate digital files were slapped onto an LP, resulting in considerably worse sound quality. I'll have to grab my copy on CD and play the two back-to-back to tell you.

I may never know the difference, however, because I've only spun this record two times, despite having it for a couple of months. Will I play the LP much because it's colored? Probably not. Did I fall into the trap that I supposedly despise? You bet. Do I regret it? Not one bit.



  1. By now you know I dig the colored stuff. And, man, I loved this album (my #2 pick from 2011). I wouldn't hesitate to grab this one if I came across it though, admittedly, this is one I blast almost exclusively in the car, leaving the CD as the preferred option for me. Were they all purple? I'd have gone for a nice yellow to match the less dominant logo color. But I know, beggars, choosers...

    1. Guilty pleasure, I like the colored stuff, too. I'm getting over it and making less of a fuss about it. *shrugs* As far as I know, all 500 are purple.