Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lezlie Paice - Fightin' Man (1983)

The cover of Lezlie Paice's lone release Fightin' Man is puzzling because it resembles the product of a child's imagination and not that of a heavy metal band. Looking at the art, you'll see a crudely drawn monster--which I assume was their mascot--against a spacey, bottomless backdrop that goes well with the uninspired nature of the music. I suppose Lezlie Paice makes me bitter because I wanted to uncover a heavy metal gem, but their single is not the revelation I hoped it would be. Instead, these Swedes' music treads dangerously close to hard rock and backhands innovation in favor of playing it safe. The end result yields an unfortunate combination of forgettable and lackluster songwriting.

Fightin' Man's songs don't deviate far in sound from one another, with the title track mid-paced heavy metal devoid inspiration; and the other full of happy-go-luckiness that I find terribly annoying. Nonetheless, they're both based around a formula, which was done much better by their peer, Torch, who carried the torch (no pun intended) with far better songwriting. While the Swedish wave of heavy metal from the eighties certainly cultivated gems, Lezlie Paice is not one of those and is best kept back in the depths of time--only for the brave souls who want to waste a few minutes on an archaic record that harkens back to the once-muddled Scandinavian metal scene.


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