Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Metal Advisor Interviews Cleaver

One of The Metal Advisor's most exciting moments on the glorious metal journey [so far!] has been interviewing Cleaver, who are, simply put, a looney group of guys. The Metal Advisor had the chance to hear from Andreas (guitars), Espen (drums), and Øyvind (guitars), three of the five band members, who not only provided insight as to what's going on in their world but highly opinionated and amusing thoughts on all things metal. As with any good interview, the questions and the answers do the talking--just make sure you check out Cleaver's newest album as soon as it hits cyberspace. We're in for a monster. 


Hello, Cleaver! What is the band's status right now?
Still tired after four days of metal and beer at the Inferno Metal Festival where we shared the stage with Magister Templi and Solstorm. We have also been celebrating, and celebrating means more beer, how the Easter bunny died on the cross for our sins. In Cleaver, we try to sin a lot so his death won’t be for nothing.

How and when did Cleaver form? Why did you decide you wanted to play thrash and death metal?

It all started up one or two years ago when Øyvind and Espen were performing satanic rituals before a rehearsal with the death metal band Chton. A great demonic voice told us to create Cleaver. We did what we were told, and since we had made a lot of killer riffs that didn’t fit into Chton, it all felt like the right thing to do. In Cleaver, we do our blasphemy more inspired by heavy, thrash and old school death metal, while Chton is more dark and brutal death metal. To us, at least, they sound like two completely different bands, and we haven’t heard complaints from the dark demonic voices of the underworld so far.

Cleaver has two songs recorded right now. Are they digital-only or do you have a physical release?

We actually have a complete album of satanic tunes ready for our debut album called When There’s No More Room in Hell..., but so far, we’ve only spread two of the songs on the internet. We would encourage metal labels out there to perform satanic rituals in near future. We know there’s at least one demon, if not Satan himself, that will recommend Cleaver, but if we don’t get a deal with a label soon, we will release the album by ourselves as a physical release. We’re old school metalheads, and a physical release is the only thing that counts. Fuck downloading and mp3s. 

Is your music self-recorded and distributed or have you been working with an outside source?

After more contact with our new demon friend, we had him possess Ola, who is skilled at singing and playing banjo. He thought Ola had a demonic voice, and we can’t argue with that. Luckily, throatslitter Ola has his own studio where we recorded the album, which means he handled the producing duties. He even added a couple of strange banjo-tunes into the mix of evil blasphemy. Lucifer would be proud of him.

What has the general response to your music been like? Some people might find “Necro XXX” shocking.

We're kind of proud about that title, and we're hoping a lot of emo-sluts show up as groupies playing dead in bed after releasing it on the internet. We're sorry to say that you’re the first to be giving us feedback on the title, but we do really have some lyrics with deadly romance, so we’re looking forward to getting them out there. 

We've gotten more response for the music and our live shows though, and it’s been all good so far. We count drunk metalheads banging their heads of in front of the stage as a good response.

Can you explain the link between Cleaver and Chton?

Well, three of four of us play in Chton, who also play in Cleaver, and three of five of us play in Cleaver, who also play in Chton. We're not sure about the math here, but we guess the link then would be...ehm...X...or...eh...Y? Oh, fuck it. Some of us play in both bands.

Who are your influences? - Albums, bands, people. Anything is fair play.

We’re usually influenced by stuff from our everyday lives like different roadkill, alcohol, and Japanese porn, but of course we also draw influences from movies, people, and other bands. You can say Cleaver draw influences from the extreme metal bands of the eighties and early nineties. We’re not about making a new genre in metal called “yada-yada metal” or anything like that. We make our metal the good old way because that’s what sounds right to our ears.

What is Trondheim’s metal scene like compared to Oslo’s? Norway seems to be a goldmine for metal.

The Trondheim metal scene is getting really good now with many up and coming bands like Manifest, Drontheim, Exeloume, One Tail One Head, and Mare; and we still have the old timers like Keep of Kalessin and Bloodthorn. But, of course, the biggest difference between Trondheim and Oslo is that Trondheim has Chton and Cleaver. The devilry is at its darkest in the north.

We don’t know if we would call Norway a goldmine for metal. Maybe it's more like a coalmine for metal? Norwegian music has a tendency to be dark and cold, and somehow that usually combines well with metal.

How do you feel about the burning churches stereotype associated with Norwegian metal bands?

Norway is a really cold country, so you should not judge people for burning churches to keep warm. Cleaver does not burn churches though. We just sit inside drinking and playing metal when it’s cold (that would be most of the year), but we don’t care much about people associating Norwegian metal bands with burning churches. It’s a part of the black metal history and that means it's a part of the Norwegian history.

Who have you played shows with? Any notable local bands you would like to give a shoutout to? The more the merrier!

We have played with a lot of underground metal bands, but not with any big bands though. Cleaver have never played a show with Metallica. 

We would like to mention a few cool bands we shared stage with: Exeloume (technical thrash metal from Trondheim), Violated (a cool thrash metal band from Kristiansund), and Magister Templi (satanic heavy/thrash metal from Oslo).

Anything else the Cleaver crew would like to add?

Drink, worship Satan, and listen to Cleaver. Check us out on Facebook (do a search, damnit), Myspace (myspace.com/cleaverdeath), Twitter (twitter.com/cleaverband), and all that other social media bullshit. Watch out for our debut album When There’s No more Room in Hell.... Thanks for the interview!


Cleaver is: 
Andreas - Guitars 
Chris - Bass
Espen - Drums
Ola -Vox 
Øyvind - Guitars

Find them here:
Official: http://www.cleaverband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cleaver/158413440883806
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cleaverband
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/cleaverdeath

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