Saturday, March 10, 2012

Check Out: Plasmajet

As I continue my travels through the Japanese metal scene---which is quite good I may add--I decided I'd bring Plasmajet your way, a band that presumably had something good up their sleeves, but never had the chance to realize the potential. The act have been broken up for at least four years now, and I'll tell you I'm a little disappointed because, if their EP This Moment was any indication of what was going to come next, we're missing potentially great music. It's not hard to describe their sound, which is stylistically similar to many European melodic death metal bands, but they had a smattering of electronic influences that quietly crept into the music, creating a nice atmosphere change in the overall mood. Nothing big, mind you, but something different from the norm and very listenable.

I can't speak for anything except This Moment, but the majority of the work on the EP is memorable, a must for bands in this particular subgenre because melodic death metal relies heavily on harmonized riffs and leads. The vocals are a tad weak, but nothing to complain about; I'm normally accustomed to a deeper growl regardless of the kind of death metal I'm listening to, but Plasmajet's vocalist still does a good job of checking all the right boxes. Most impressive, however, is the songwriting. I find the songs up there with the best--you'll have them them in your head for days. "Doom's Eye" introduced me to the band, and I reckon it's a good place for you to start, too.


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