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The Metal Advisor Interviews Subliminal Poison

As with places like Portugal, I haven't done a great job of familiarizing myself with Brazil's metal scene. Acts like the mighty Sepultura, who have gotten worldwide acclaim for their aggressive brand of thrash metal and later groove metal come to mind, but other than that, few bands are instantly recognizable as representative of the country's heavy music. Nonetheless, I'm happy to say I fixed the problem, if ever so slightly, by discovering local band Subliminal Poison. And to make things sweeter, I recently had the chance to chat with the band's very own Erika Dvoršak (vocals/guitars) and Pedro Costa (keyboards), who graciously let The Metal Advisor and the metal world know what they're up to.

Despite having few releases, Subliminal Poison is hard at work at spreading their name and adding more to their recording résumé. They're very excited to break out of the local scene and to keep doing the thing they love.


You guys are just starting out. Tell us a little bit about yourself. You know, your history.
Erika - Pedro and I have played in several bands together throughout the years, and we've written the music most of the time. Bands have come and gone, but our desire to make music kept growing stronger, so there was nothing more natural than starting something of our own. It's even hard to date Subliminal Poison's birth, but I think I can say we started to grow limbs in 2010!
Pedro - It all started as a revolution. Erika and I had been playing together for some years, and day by day the two of us were working on new possibilities and pushing boundaries... It was about time we started a new band in which we'd be able to shape things our way from scratch. It was early 2011 when David joined the team, and we've been focusing on so many different aspects throughout the last year.
What are the plans for the future? Subliminal Poison currently has three tracks up on the ‘net – quite good, I might add.
Erika - Besides the three tracks online, we've got a few others up our sleeves. The plans for the near future are basically: record those tracks, hunt for gigs!!! 

Pedro - Thanks! We'll finish the first album's tracks up, keep on rehearsing, perform live many, many times all around, and I guess start the process over again and again!

David Goes
Symphonics are clearly your specialty. What inspired you to blend symphonic elements and metal?
Erika - "Symphonic" brings to mind a Nightwish type of feel, and, hmm, I'm not sure that's the word I'd use to describe our sound. Not that we don't have a hint of it, though. I think there's this dramatic feel spicing up our music, and one might call that symphonic. I guess I'll just leave this one for Pedro (laughs)! 

Pedro - I believe symphonic elements and metal go really well together, and we can sometimes think of a metal feel whilst listening to a symphonic piece and vice versa. However, the reason it's a part of Subliminal Poison's sound has little to do with concepts like "embellishment" and "sweetness" - it's totally about creating moods, tensions, and enhancements.

Thematically, what kind of message does Subliminal Poison’s music convey? It’s always interesting to see what a band focuses on lyrically.
Erika - Lyrics so far have been amplified perspectives on daily life issues. You know, the little shards of unhappy decision making that you don't quite want to look at right now, problems, neglects, and what have you! I pretty much get “that” little piece of consequence and rub it in your face. 

Pedro - Try and think of a subliminal poison. The image that comes to mind may be mysterious or dangerous. And maybe seductive, as when there's something you want to do so badly and you know the consequences will be ugly, but you do it anyway. Sometimes we warn you. Sometimes we watch you do it, and we say "well, I told you so..."

Any plans for touring or local shows? You have to play in Indianapolis sometime (laughs)!
Erika - Please fix us a gig in Indianapolis (laughs)! We are so very goddamn eager to play everywhere, but we've been struggling with our line-up for a while! Currently we're hunting for a drummer and a guitar player so we can hit the stages!

Pedro - Definitely. We'll be doing it very shortly! And Indianapolis sounds awesome!

Where do you fit in with the metal scene in Brazil? I can’t say I’m familiar with many bands from the area aside from Sepultura. Call me intrigued.
Erika Dvoršak
Erika - Tricky question! Do we fit anywhere, guys (laughs)? We have a huge underground scene in Brazil, more specifically in Rio. It's really a pity those guys have to stay underground because there's simply no decent places for metal bands to play around here if you're not Sepultura, you know! So I'm not sure we fit in that scene, as we're trying not to do what everybody else is doing to get a gig around here! We want to breathe out of the underground and we believe our music has to be heard – in a good way - in and out of it. If we have to take a long path for that to happen, we totally fucking will! Period! 

Pedro - We owe Sepultura for the international recognition of a Brazilian metal scene. Of course, there are other Brazilian metal bands and musicians known worldwide, as one can expect of a country that has a large metal scene. And we aim to be as well known as them. If we work hard enough and get the due support, we hope we get as big as Seputlura (laughs)!

Now for the cliché question – who are your influences or the artists that made you pick up your instruments?

Erika - I don't remember if there was a specific musician that made me pick up a guitar. What I remember is being five years old and wanting my parents to buy me one (laughs)! I was 10 when I finally got my first electric guitar, and back then I was listening to a lot of Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses. Then I quickly switched to Ozzy, Iron Maiden, and finally more furious types of metal. Children of Bodom has been my biggest influence ever since. Laiho & Latvala, and their respective influences, have shaped my tastes as a guitar player. I'm also very into bands that are all about rhythm guitar. Please do yourselves a favor and check out Mokoma if you haven't already! They're a hell of an influence!

Pedro - I guess I'm influenced by impressions I collect from the work of guys like Tilo Wolff, Anton Brejestovski, Tuomas Holopainen, Morten Veland, and some Romantic era composers and "minimal music" enthusiasts. I always had a thing for listening to deep songs by The Gathering, Philip Glass or Björk and focused on trying to find out what ingredients make the recipe for that particular mood set.

Any favorite albums, metal or not? Sometimes you get completely unexpected answers from a question like this. And sometimes you learn of artists you've never heard of before.
Pedro Costa
Erika - I'm sure I'll think of something else as soon as I'm done answering this one, but let's go! The entire Children of Bodom discography, Megadeth's Youthnasia, Korn's Live and Rare, Mokoma's Kuoleman Laulukunnaat, MyGrain's discography... and so on! Classical music, even electronic music and pop. If you took a peek at my iPod you'd probably think I'm schizophrenic!

Pedro - That one is definitely really hard to answer! Let's give it a try. The White Album by the Beatles (George is my favorite Beatle, by the way. Not that you'd ask!), Children of Bodom's discography, Nightwish's discography, Widow's Weeds by Tristania, L'Arc~en~Ciel's discography, lots of '60s/'70s rock, and oddities I'd rather not mention...

What kind of gear does Subliminal Poison use? Guitars, drums, anything!
Erika - Jackson guitars, Engl pre amps, Laney amps, Shure mics!

Pedro - As of this moment I'm using a Korg x50 synthesizer.

Any plans for a full-length? Please say yes (laughs)!
Erika - Yes (laughs)! I don't think there's much to say about it yet. We're putting the pieces of the puzzle together!

Pedro - Definitely! We've always planned the songs we've been writing as part of a full-length.

Any last words for us metal maniacs?

Erika - Cheers to the metalheads out there! I'd like to thank the people who have been supporting us so far, and if you just heard of us - help us spread our work! We want to let you know that we're crazy enough, and we're willing to cross the Brazilian borders to see you on tour as soon as we can! By the way, there's a giveaway going on our Facebook page until March - be sure to check that out!

Pedro - First, I'd like to thank The Metal Advisor and Adam for this great interview and the readers for being interested in our talk! We'll keep you up-to-date on our plans, achievements, gigs, new material, and cool surprises. I'd also like to thank everyone that's been supporting us and listening to us - please, keep on doing it! Spread the disease!

Subliminal Poison is:
Erika Dvoršak (vocals/guitars)
Pedro Costa (keyboards)
David Goes (bass)

Find them here:



  1. Fantastic interview. I have to admit I have never heard of the band prior to reading this but definitely want to hear some more. Great, great stuff - looking forward to reading more interviews here.

    1. Thanks, Gogs. They certainly were a fun group to converse with and, like you, I'm totally looking forward to new material.

  2. Good job TMA!!