Friday, February 17, 2012

New Municipal Waste Track: "Religion Proof"

The cover is certainly old school enough.
Well, I've been waiting for this moment since the lackluster Massive Aggressive was released. Hazardous Mutation is one of my favorite records hands down, but since then, the band has been doing the exact same thing over and over, except with a slight decrease in quality. For example, The Art of Partying was very good, but it showed no innovation or improvement in any direction; Massive Aggressive followed with stagnant, uninspired thrashing, not what the majority of fans were looking for. Sadly, the newly released "Religion Proof" shows the band doing their tried but tired formula over again, although it is a notch-up from most material on the previous record. I'm not holding my breath for anything interesting.

The track will not make the album, instead offered to buyers of Decibel magazine as a green vinyl. Talk about alienating your fans...

Listen to "Religion Proof" below. The Fatal Feast is due out April 10th.

Municipal Waste "Religion Proof" (dB016) by Decibel Magazine



  1. I have to confess not knowing of these guys until the most recent Decibel issue. Fantastic artwork but sounds like I need to seek Hazardous Mutation out to sample them properly.

    1. The first three full-lengths are very good, but Massive Aggressive is where the band really starts to falter. They've been doing the same thing for far too long, but that may not bother everyone that enjoys this band. Regardless, Hazardous Mutation is an excellent place to start. If you like D.R.I., you'll probably love the majority of the Waste.