Friday, February 17, 2012

Check Out: Bible of the Devil

Looking for some pleasant, straightforward heavy metal? Bible of the Devil have you covered. The four piece formed in 1999 and have been churning out dirty, Chicago-style riffs ever since. The musicianship, while occasionally sloppy, is highly-reminiscent of the old days of metal, back when it was rockin' fun and less serious. Of course, Bible of the Devil are still nitty gritty down to the core, focusing heavily on dual guitar-based compositions, but they have a simpler side that's extremely inviting, especially if you regularly listen to technical subgenres of metal.

And that's one of the reasons I love the band. They build up on what their idols have done and put their own spin on it. To be frank, I figured Bible of the Devil would be a stoner metal band, similar to Fireball Ministry, but I was awfully surprised once I put one of their records on. Indeed, I do get the stoner metal vibe from their music, but I believe it's due to the vocals which are nasally and high-pitched, totally influenced by the eighties greats. Try Freedom Metal first--quite a good record.


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