Thursday, January 19, 2012

French Metal: Je

In light of hells_unicorn's recent review on Metal Archives, I decided it was time to give Je a try merely for their French lyrics. If you know me, I'm a total sucker for lyrics in languages other than English--French, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian--it makes no difference. While the majority of Je's lyrics fly right over my head because I'm not a native French speaker, bits and pieces I undoubtedly understand; I've never been the kind of person that needs to understand lyrics to enjoy music, and Je's work still invocates the feeling of desolation it originally intended.

Prior to my discovery of Je, I had no experience with shoegaze, and I had absolutely no interest in checking it out. Although I can't say Je are completely representative of the black metal/shoegaze/post-rock combo sound, I can tell you I totally dig what I'm hearing. The majority of the guitar riffs are fashioned from downs-stroked picking patterns and, when combined with melancholic melodies, make for a black experience despite the addition of other influences mixing the sound up.


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  1. A bit different from what I expected, definitely riffier and less floaty, but maybe I'm just too used to the sounds of Neige's (Alcest, LantlĂ´s) projects. You could also check out the Chinese band Dopamine for more music like this, but I think they split up after only releasing a few songs.