Wednesday, January 11, 2012

French Metal: Deathspell Omega

Since I've been sitting on my butt for these French metal posts, it's time I got back to grind on figuring out which ones to add to the blog list. Deathspell Omega are one of the more popular bands that call France home, and their recognition within the metal community is definitely deserved. If you aren't used to black metal, they'll polarize you. And even if you're familiar with a little black metal, they'll still do it to you.

Deathspell Omega are what fans call orthodox black metal. They take Satan into a theistic context and make music out of it. It might sound weird, but, in all honesty, it isn't --if you think about how many metal bands chose Satan as their main lyrical theme, it makes perfect sense. Are they really serious? I couldn't tell you, but I couldn't care less because I don't listen to Deathspell Omega for their lyrics.

While I've only heard one of the band's records (Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice), I can attest that you'll be in for a treat if you're looking for something that gets better with each listen. The album isn't particularly accessible for the normal listener, but if your desires match that of a twisted and demented being, you'll feel right at home. I've scared a person or two with the artwork and the song titles. It's all a bunch of nonsense and fun in my eyes. The band doesn't actually take it seriously. ....or do they?



  1. I saw these guys mentioned in an archived mu thread from 4chan once, but I haven't tried listening to them yet. This post sounds like a challenge. Challenge accepted.


    Try that. Guaranteed to blow your mind.