Friday, January 13, 2012

Check Out: Blood Stain Child

While I can't say electronic music mashed up with metal sounds particularly appealing, Blood Stain Child manage to pull it off quite well, especially when you consider the recent failure Morbid Angel had when they attempted the same thing. Granted, it wasn't even the same kind of electronic music, but the very thought of electro and our coveted form of music sounds, well, disturbing. The danceable form of electronica has been newly embraced by the mainstream, so combining a harsher form of music with something decidedly more accessible seems like bad match. But, really, it isn't. When these Japanese metallers do it well, they do it well. I'm talking music your mom might like listening to. It's got drive, a nice beat, and catchy melodies galore.

That's not the secret to Blood Stain Child's formula, however. The key is the pop. A good chunk of electronic music is all about the pop hook, the one that makes you want to listen to the song over and over and over until you wear it out, and these guys have the formula down pat. Tracks like "Stargazer" and "Electricity" are accessible enough that they could be played at the next dance party you attend.

Blood Stain Child step into two boundaries, the freshly labeled trance metal and the more tried-and-true melodic death metal. This isn't melodic death metal in the vein of, say, Insomnium, but instead the Swedish Gothenburg scene. Two vocalists straddle the music: a female for the cleans and a male who takes over harsh duties. The harsh vocals are nothing to write home about, but the cleans are out of this world.

If others can pull off this type of combination as well as these Japanese metallers, I welcome it with open arms. The question that remains, however, is if it will catch on or not. I'll admit that I'm not too knowledgeable about the paring, only having heard others like Sybreed, but I'd definitely like to explore it a little more. Hopefully the band will continue on with the style Epsilon introduced, and people start to notice.


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