Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recent Hauls Part Six

Both share eerily similar cover art.
I stopped by one of my favorite record stores called Twist & Shout (located in Denver, CO), only to be overwhelmed with the amount of people browsing the selection of metal. Normally, I can waltz right into the back of the store and freely roam the few rows of metal CDs, but today there happened to be quite few metalheads sifting through the section, even a few ogling at the vinyl.

I managed to walk out with Agalloch's Marrow of the Spirit double LP (clear vinyl to boot!) and Gallowbraid's Ashen Eidolon, which I picked up used for tidy sum of $7.99. Gallowbraid's EP has been on my list for quite some time now, but I never knew just where to purchase it; I'm thankful some generous soul decided to let it go.


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