Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King Diamond/Mercyful Fate

Man, oh, man. I leave for France soon. Guess I better get another post or two in, huh?

To be honest with you, I'm not quite sure what I want to write about tonight. After I included Abigail in my "five heavy metal albums to hear before you die" post, King Diamond and Mercyful Fate's music really hit home. For whatever reason, I'm having a weird flashback to a core group of heavy metal albums that helped establish my taste in music; King Diamond's Them was there, along with Meryful Fate's Don't Break the Oath. It almost seems like it was a dream. How time flies.

In any case, Mercyful Fate was King's base before he went on to establish his highly-successful and influential solo project. He would have other flings with Mercyful fate, and though they are usually very good, they didn't match the first two records the band released, and they don't entirely showcase the best they had to offer. I'm not exactly sure which of the two I favor, either, but they both hold excellent track rosters, unmatched by many other bands.

I'm hoping King can get well enough and/or find enough time to release new music. His last record, Give Me Your Soul.... Please, released in 2007, holds particularly fond memories for me. I used to crank that baby in my car as I drove to and from high school, but, looking back to it now, it doesn't have the same appeal. Maybe that's because I compared it to his other releases. With that said, I may not listen to those records as much as I used to, but I still hold the upmost respect for what he did for metal with those albums. Does he really have a bad album to his name, anyway?


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