Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Music: Fierce Band!'s "Blue Liquid Lips (Pts 1-2)"

Currently, I'm giving Fierce Band!'s new track "Blue Liquid Lips (Pts 1-2)" my first listen through. A friend, who happens to be a big advocator of the local music scene in Texas, passed the track off to me and, without him, I likely would have never heard of a group as small as Fierce Band!. I'm not quite sure I understand their name, but there must be some sort of inside joke behind it, though that's the least of my worries when checking out new tunes. The music matters, not the name.

Fierce Band! mesh progressive metal with death metal, with the death metal emphasis in the vocals, and I'd say it works out pretty well. Like anything of the progressive nature, it takes repeated listens to truly understand. Jammy and loose, the track reminds me of one of those practice sessions I had with my buddies back in high school. Those were the days--shooting the breeze; talking with your instruments without a worry in the world.

Download the track here and enjoy. It's a bit lengthy, but what did you expect from something labeled as progressive?



  1. I'm the one that linked this on, and I'd like to clarify about the band name. Fierce is a three piece, with both the bassist, Luke, and guitarist, Aaron, covering vocals. The growls you hear is the two of them growling in unison. But that's beside the point, the name isn't an inside joke, but it's a more or less reflection of the bassist and guitarist's personality. The two are incredibly random and zany individuals, who take great joy in terrorizing the public, Kroger especially. The band started as an instrumental group and this is the first song they've had with vocals.
    Furthermore, their song titles are also a bit goofy like their name: Aardvark Cyber Squad, Dare to Soar, Bag of Cows, Mom The Bananas Were Green, The Pineda Man, & Elastic Plastic

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Sloth. I didn't mean it as a "Haha that's so funny joke," but rather an inside meaning only members of the band might understand. I quite enjoy what I'm hearing so far, so I look forward to whatever else they might have up their sleeves.

  3. Hello, this is Luke from Fierce Band!. I would like to thank everyone for the feedback. We are all very happy that people are enjoying our music, and for those interested, we have completed recording Blue Liquid Lips (parts 1-5), and they can be found here:

    Aaron is working on some remastered versions of these tracks that will be up shortly, but please feel free to listen and give us your feedback. Thanks!

  4. Good to hear from you Luke. I'll give those a listen as soon as I can.

  5. their drummer is sexy

  6. Yes, Nathan always has a hot girl on his arm.