Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mail Day: One Double LP and Two CDs

I came back from class this morning to find a haul I ordered less than a day ago sitting on my bed. YES! Amazon is definitely something, eh?

After discovering Chthonic earlier this year and being further intrigued by Gogmagogical's postings about the band, I purchased their newest record, Takasago Army, as well as the one that came before titled Mirror of Retribution. The jewel of the haul was Opeth's Heritage on double LP, however. I've been excitedly awaiting this album since I heard "The Devil's Orchard" and doubt I'll be disappointed with the full product because of the heavy progressive rock influence. Too bad my turntable isn't at college with me, so it may be some time before I get to hear the record in its entirety.



  1. Thanks for the mention - and, now, turnabout is fair play as this is about the third Opeth mention I've come across from sources I trust in 24 hours. I had one album of theirs, Damnation, and while I have been assured it was a departure, never felt like trying another. I assume they're a worthwile pursuit? In the meantime, hope you dig the Chthonic as much as I have.

  2. You know, I never liked Opeth until I heard the one cut from this record. So, I can't really tell you they're worth pursuing. However, I will tell you I plan on going back to their older material if my time with Heritage turns out to be positive.