Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vinyl Fun: Velvet Caccoon's Genevieve

Velvet Cacoon's Genevieve has quite possibly the most extravagant case on the planet, thanks to a luxurious velvet outer cover, and a grandiose silver lining that outlines the logo. If you remember, I wanted to snag a copy of it on record when I first reviewed the album. The only pressing ever made was released back in 2007, 1,000 copies being black, the other 500 marble purple. I was fortunate enough to find the black version. Brand new, too. I guess it was my lucky day!

Apologies for the iPhone photo quality, but you get the idea. This really is a work of art.


The velvet is very a nice touch. Same for the sliver foil.
Gotta love Southern Lord for releasing Genevieve on vinyl.
It's a double LP, in case you were wondering.

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