Friday, September 9, 2011

Discoveries of the Week Part 10

As of late, I've been on a bit of a kick with music in different languages because it's fascinating and makes music fresh again. It's not that English was getting stale, but that a totally new sound gives me something else to explore.

Today, I decided to give a professor at my college a visit because I wanted to hand off Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness in an effort to have him give "good" death metal a listen. I can't think of a better way to get into the subgenre than with one of the establishing albums, either!

While I was chatting with him, he passed along an act called Tierra Santa, a Spanish heavy/power metal band who have apparently been a staple in Spain's music scene. I find this interesting because many of these artists don't get an opportunity to get worldwide exposure because their lyrics are in a language other than English, where most people refuse open their minds toward different cultures.

Skimming Tierra Santa's material leaves me a little surprised because they've had a long string of albums, which, in theory, should afforded them some exposure. The band started in 1992 under the alias Privacy, but changed their name five years later to Tierra Santa--much more fitting for their brand of music.

Musically, they are typical heavy metal with keyboards hovering over the guitars, in addition to some harmonies sprinkled about. There's nothing wrong with that, though, because Tierra Santa are good at what they do. Because I'm not familiar with the band yet, I'll only post one song to give you idea of what they're like.


Tierra Santa - "Septima Estrella"

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