Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So, Megadeth Played a New Song a Couple Days Ago...

A few days ago, I discovered via Dave Mustaine's Twitter that Megadeth were going to play a new song live. I figured I'd give it a listen because I mildly enjoyed the band's last album, though I wasn't blown away by it. The new song, titled "Public Enemy," makes me think of the rap group instead of something metal-related, which is humorous, to say the least.

As for overall impressions on the track: I find it to be a bit weak sounding when compared to anything on the last album. Not weak in a poorly composed way, but weak in a thrashy sort of way. Let me explain; after 1990 or so, Megadeth started going in a more heavy metal sounding direction, rather than their previously thrash-oriented one. Personally, I think Dave and the boys redeemed themselves a bit with Endgame, as it was the thrashiest in a long time, but "Public Enemy" sounds like heavy metal, instead of thrash. My initial impressions leave me thinking that the track could have been on Countdown to Extinction or Youthanasia. Both of those albums were actually very good, but I'm looking for a full on thrash assault, something I know I'm not going to get. I do think the galloping riff is quite nice, though.

I expect the studio version will rock my socks off and probably follow in the super heavy vein that Endgame enjoyed. If the band's upcoming album has a handful of listenable songs on it, I'll be satisfied. It's not like I listen to Megadeth for current material anyway!


Megadeth - "Public Enemy"


  1. Sadly, I gotta agree. I, too, am optimistic that the studio sound will be a vast improvement over these audience recordings but these youtube previews - some tweeted by the band themselves - don't necessarily strike me a good press for the new record.

  2. Yep. I was really hoping for something like "Headcrusher" again, but this ain't it!