Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Guys on the Block: Driller

Between the time I go to sleep and when I rise in the morning, quite a bit can happen in the world of metal and hard rock. Last.fm is my global hub for all musical activity as it keeps track of what I listen to on my digital audio player and on my computer. Of course, that excludes my CD player, turntable, etc.

Via Last.fm, I came into contact with UK-based rockers Driller who let me know that three of their songs were available for free download. You know me--I'm all for checking out some new tunes. Driller reminds of a better Whitesnake when Coverdale and the boys actually want to rock. I'm not much a fan of Whitesnake as most of the band's music is really very cheesy and lacks some "oomph," but Driller reminds me of the good side of the band, similar to tracks like "Sweet Lady Luck." I particularly enjoy the more funky side to their music exemplified by songs like "Angels without Wings." However, of the three tracks I was able to sample, "Alchemy of Love" is easily the best because of its strong and memorable guitar riffs.


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