Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Often Debated Topic: Music Productions

An unfortunate victim to the sterile and computerized-sounding productions of modern day.
I'll admit I'm only 20 years old, but I long for the crisp and clear productions that quite a bit of metal used to have. Nowadays anything even remotely mainstream tends to have an overpolished, computerized sounding production that, to be honest, really irks me because it's so superficial. It's like plastic surgery, a fake kind of "beautiful" that isn't great to begin with.

Okay, okay, I know I'm making a generalization, but these fake sounding productions have become so common that some of my favorite bands are succumbing to them. Take NWoBHM band Hell for example. The dudes started in the early '80s and got their first record deal at the end of the '00s after they reunited in 2008. Their music was supposed to be raw, unadulterated heavy metal that scared the living %@^% out of people. Instead, Andy Sneap worked his "magic" with the band and made them sound, for all intents and purposes, lifeless. I know people like Sneap's work because it makes bands sound heavy, but it just comes off as excruciatingly dull and there's no dynamic range to any of it. Think back to ancient Greek mythology's succubus (a demon that takes form as a woman) that sucked all life out unsuspecting victims. Sneap and others like him are effectively a succubus toward music. We must eradicate them. *Sigh* Sure, I like a few of Sneap's productions, namely Kreator's Enemy of God and Accept's Blood of the Nations, but otherwise I'm not a fan. I do give him props for helping Hell release their music though.

Tired of listening to me complain? I thought so. I've gotten my point across, and you're either going to agree or disagree with me. Which ever side you chose is perfectly fine as we have our own preferences and such. I just wish there was a little more diversity productionwise these days.


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