Friday, July 1, 2011

Discoveries of the Week Part Five

Aside from Amaranthe, there's been a severe drought of metal this week that has caught my attention in a good or bad way. Because of that, I've decided I'm going to revisit an old favorite of mine from an album I desperately need to purchase.

The band in question are Fifth Angel, a superb heavy metal band from the mid to late eighties. Sadly, they never made it past 1989, releasing their last album Time Will Tell and then calling it quits. I've heard it's a bit more commercial than their first record, but I doubt it's anything like the obvious ploy to get airplay that Amaranthe swear by. I particularly like "Time Will Tell" because the opening riff is absolute genius, a catchy, yet sophisticated interpretation of the classic heavy metal riff.

As we've been over many-a-time before, these guys look kinda hair metalish. Well, they're a heavy metal band through and through, never faltering and watering down their sound. There are plenty of metal bands that gussied themselves up a little in order to get some attention in the '80s. I won't bad mouth them for that, but they should have let their music do the talking rather than using physical looks to pick up some recognition. Unfortunately for Fifth Angel, they went pretty much nowhere, and it's a shame because their music was so great (from what I've heard!). Although they've apparently reformed in recent years, I consider them dead until I stumble upon new material.

So, what you're getting with this track is unforgettable heavy metal that you'll likely have on repeat for a while. I don't blame you. This track is excellent.


Fifth Angel - "Time Will Tell"

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