Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Track: Dream Theater's "On the Backs of Angels"

Dream Theater is back sans Portnoy. I had an opportunity to see him live with the band just before his departure, and I consider myself lucky because Mike is a great guy and a great drummer.

The upcoming Dream Theater album features Mike Mangini behind the kit. Although he's a monster player, I couldn't help but feel disappointed with his performance on "On the Backs of Angels" because I wanted to hear him doing his own thing, not something that felt like a Portnoy imitation. Still, I have high hopes for his performance on the rest of the album because of his work prior to joining the band.

Unfortunately, the meat of the song wasn't memorable in any way--merely standard modern Dream Theater fare, I suppose. The one thing that I really did love was the intro with the choir because I love those epic-natured climax builders. I think the band is at the point where they're super tight as group (though they've been at that point forever...), but they fail to impress because they're so predictable.

Don't misread me, though. This song is good, but it isn't great, especially from the group that gave us Awake. September 13th just needs to hurry up in any case. I want to hear this album ASAP.


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