Thursday, May 26, 2011

Traditional Heavy Metal Revival! Praise the Metal Gods!

Over the past few years, the metal scene has experienced an explosion of heavy metal bands, forming a movement coined as the traditional heavy metal revival (though it kind of contradicts itself because bands never stopped playing this type of music). Personally, I'm ecstatic that these bands have popped up because pure heavy metal has been rather stagnant as of late with most bands residing underground among the ranks of Satan (just kidding, but seriously). These bands are from just about anywhere like Sweden to the U.S.A. to Canada and play metal in the vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, and others.

Based on their first album, Enforcer combine elements of speed and thrash metal with heavy metal. It's a great combo. "City Lights" is an adrenaline rush of an instrumental, quietly wrapping things up with nice bluesy section for an outro. Don't ya get an Iron Maiden - Killers vibe from this song? I sure do.

"City Lights"


Hailing from Canada, Skull Fist might just be my favorite new wave heavy metal band. They have an edge that draws me to their music, and I love the shred-centric riffs that their guitar players have come up with. The band's EP is constantly in my rotation because it's an easy, great listen, and it's fun--not to mention the cover is boss.

"Heavier than Metal"

Yet another group from Canada, Cauldron formed from the ashes of heavy/doom metal band Goat Horn. While the band has had two very good albums, I find it odd and somewhat disappointing that they dropped speed influence in the transition from their first to the second. Burning Fortune is still a worthwhile listen, but it shows weaknesses when placed up against Chained to the Nite.

"Conjure the Mass"

I've only recently discovered Evil Survies, but they're impressive. Let's get them on the radio (eh, wishful thinking for any of these bands). This is what metal is all about!

"Resist the Exorcism"

Chistian Mistress... well, are they Christian? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea, but their music rocks. I like the raw production on their EP because it feels genuine among today's polished, pasted productions. I may have gone little bit too far with that one, but many of today albums are overly computerized. Now that's certainly another discussion for another time!

"Black Vigil"

Last but not least, I couldn't forget to include White Wizzard. These guys are professionals: they know how to create an authentic heavy metal experience, and one that doesn't feel forced or fake. Their EP, High Speed GTO, is very good, while their album, Over the Top, is even better.

"Strike of the Viper"

I suppose six bands is enough. Rock on, and listen to metal the way it was originally was, you know, before it found itself accompanied by various subgenres.

Remember kids, this could be the future of metal.


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