Sunday, May 8, 2011

Initial Thoughts on The Absence

Melodic death metal has a tough time standing out in these days because nearly every idea has been done to death. While they aren't exactly unique, The Absence still are an enjoyable band (based on what I have heard) despite performing a cliché brand of melodic death metal.

From the songs I've heard, which, in all honesty, isn't many, "Dead and Gone" stands out, while songs like "Enemy Unbound" are somewhat boring due to uninspired drumming. Despite shortcomings, The Absence are home to two very good guitar players, both of whom clearly draw their influence from guitar shredders from the eighties and other projects that have popped up since; listen not only to their lead guitar playing, but also take a look at their guitars.

Yeah, the pink tiger stripe guitar looks like something George Lynch would have used. I know he has a similar yellow one. Overall, it's going to take some time to form a real opinion on the band, meaning taking a closer look at their material and, hopefully, just hopefully, the band have some tricks up their sleeves on their albums.


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