Friday, April 29, 2011

My Reaction Should Be "Whatever," Right?

Apparently Anthrax is working on a new album, as well as some kind of tribute to Judas Priest. That's all fine and dandy, but how many years has it taken the band to get their shit together? Exactly. There always seems to be an internal struggle between the members.

I'll sum it up for you guys:

"Hey Joey [Belladona] and Dan [Spitz], you're no good for the band anymore. Run along, we'll find someone better."

(About 13 years later)

"Okay, see ya John [Bush], we want Joey to come back to the band. No wait, Joey wasn't a good idea after all. Let's find some other dude."

(In 2007)

"Hey I found a guy named Dan Nelson." - Scott Ian
"Who the heck is that? Actually, who cares, we'll take him anyway." - The rest of the band

(2 years later)

"John, you gotta come back. Actually, we want Joey instead. Bye."

"Oh yeah, we switched guitar players multiple times over the years too. Whoops."

Why isn't Dan Spitz back in the band with Joey Belladona? That would complete the legacy lineup, although Anthrax probably wouldn't be able to stay together that long anyway. Regardless, the band has been a basket case and hasn't released anything that can oust their golden years material off its pedestal.

I suppose we should relive Anthrax's glory days through a song; "Among the Living" is the perfect one to do it with.

Hear that? That's how the band is supposed to sound. It's just a shame that they've gone so far downhill, making it tough to have high hopes for their new album with Joey. We'll see.


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