Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grab Bag

I'd like to share a few bands that I've been familiar with for some time, though I haven't gotten around to picking up an album from any of them yet. On top of that, I'm extremely tired, so I'll spare you from any grammatical errors that I'll likely make by keeping my thoughts short.

1. I have unintentionally been posting quite a bit of power metal lately. Good thing it isn't the cheesy variety. Though the song I'm posting has an addictive old school heavy metal attitude, Bloodbound are a heavy/power metal hybrid band at heart. It's tough to dislike this one because it's so much fun.

2. While Heaven Wept are an interesting band because they aren't one subgenre of metal. Rather, they choose to utilize their artistic freedom and dabble in a few from progressive to power to doom. My mind was blown the first time I heard this song, and I'm sure yours will be, too.

3. Iron Mask take neoclassical influence to an extreme. About five years ago, I was introduced to the band through a new music show (BREAKING BONE!) that XM Satellite radio ran weekly on a station called The Boneyard. Sadly, bankruptcy forced XM and its prime competitor, Sirius, to merge and it went down the drain, along with all the programming. I guess good things never last. Many of the bands I discovered through those new music shows stuck with me, however, and here we have the mighty Iron Mask with a ripping track.


4. While they certainly have a death metal tinge, thrash metal is still at the core of Abomination's music. I vividly remember unearthing these guys during a video hopping spree that I had on YouTube. Too bad their E.P. is long out of print, selling for outrageous prices. Otherwise, I would have snagged it a long time ago.

 5. An epic intro = an epic song, right? In this case, yes. Every death metal fan should listen to this song at least once, although I guarantee they'll listen to it again because it's so darn good. The choir gets me every time.

6. Three words: pure heavy metal. No other description needed. Call me lazy; I'll call you a twit for not knowing of this song and Brocas Helm beforehand.


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